Sweet Sianna | Baby’s First Year Portraits

• March 22nd, 2017 •

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All these little babies!!!  I am loving all the newborn session I’ve been photographing lately.  Little boys, girls, twins… bring me ALL THE BABIES!  I have a great program called my “Baby’s First Year Plan” and I love when my clients book them so I can watch them grow during that amazing first year of growth!

Meet the beautiful Sianna.  Her mommy bought my “Bump to Baby” plan so I got to photographed her both in the belly and in person at just a week old. What a great shoot.    Mommy wanted it to be just for little Sianna, as daddy was working, and she was a perfect little model.  Enjoy some of the highlights from both the maternity and newborn sessions!


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A Year in Review | Hampton Roads Photographer

• December 31st, 2016 •

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Another amazing year has passed.  Last year at this exact time, I was just so thankful 2015 was almost OVER.  It was a year filled with so much sadness and loss. I prayed for 2016 to be a BORING year at least!  I just wanted to get past all the pain of 2015.  God answers prayers and more.  Like he states “There is a time and a season for everything.”  The BORING year I was praying for didn’t happen, instead He gave me so much more.

Personal highlights of 2016… I started the year off on a cruise with my family.  The first cruise we have done together and it was a beautiful welcome to the new year!  In the spring, I visited  NYC with my son and godson and got to see my childhood crush, Will Smith (aaaaahhhhhhh) film the movie Collateral Beauty.  (Seriously, I was like a giddy child- and the coolest thing was it was an unexpected surprise to see him on set!!  Thanks to an amazing friend who set it up!)  In the summer, I visited Ethiopia again, with Habesha Momma, and got to start the process of opening a home for homeless and trafficked children.  I also FINALLY got to take my husband to NYC.  I love NYC and Brett has said for years  ”NEVER” when I ask if he’d like to go with me.  However, he finally agreed and we had a fabulous time together enjoying the big city!

One of the biggest personal and business highlights was I moved my business out of my house and into a true commercial space!!  It was a HUGE leap of faith but I am so very thankful I took the risk.  I LOVE having my own space.  I’ve been a successful photographer for years BUT having my own name on the outside of a building makes me feel “I’ve made it!”  It has been an amazing whirlwind of a year!  I had a phenomenal Open House in my new space and felt so much love poured out.  I have been blessed by the opportunity to photograph so many amazing people, families and projects.  I truly love my job and don’t take for granted the fact that I am given the gift of creating moments in time for each of you.

This blog every year is one of my hardest… to go through the year and pick my favorite images to share.  Each one of you are so special to me, all of our shoots hold special moments and laughs.  In every single session- I am creating memories that I pray will be cherished for generations to come.  Narrowing that down to 15-20 images to show my year in review… it is SO HARD!  But here are some of the highlights I was able to narrow it down too… and once again thank you.  Thank you for trusting me, thank you for supporting me, thank you for allowing me into your family.  

I pray blessings, love and lots of laughter in 2017!

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Getting Ready for Moses III | Maternity Photographer Hampton Roads

• August 1st, 2016 •

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I met Moses and Angel David almost 10 years ago.  Even back then I can remember them talking about having a 2nd child, but waiting on God’s timing.  Well… God finally said it was time!  I was SO EXCITED to hear they were expecting a little boy and that Amani was going to be a big sister!  I can’t wait to meet Moses III, aka 3D.  


Their maternity session was AMAZING!  We got a break in the crazy heat and the sunset was GORGEOUS!  Add in the fact that the David family is stunningly beautiful… well, it was a photographers dream!  I can’t wait to photograph 3D’s newborn session… and maybe more maternity sessions in the future!  I think the world could do well with a few extra little David’s running around!  Enjoy!

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Four Sessions in ONE! | Family Portrait Photographer Virginia Beach

• April 26th, 2016 •

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When your anniversary coincides with your baby’s first birthday, you are pregnant and needing maternity portraits, and it’s been awhile since you did family portraits, do you need to book multiple sessions?  Not with me you don’t.  We can do them all at one and kill four birds with one stone! 

When Cheyla called inquiring about anniversary/maternity portraits and little Rico needed his first year portraits, I said “Why not do them at the same time?  And heck, if the family can come, we’ll do some family portraits too!”  

We had such a blast and Cheyla is a ROCK STAR as it was COLD out!  Spring kept coming and then leaving… 70 degrees one day and then 45 the next.  We had already rescheduled once for wind and rain, and we didn’t want to do it again.  So Cheyla braved the cold again!  (Her last maternity portraits were in the SNOW!) 

We had a great time in the park capturing the family portraits ( we missed big brother Angel but were happy to have Cheyla’s brother Chris there!)  Prince Rico had a blast at the park celebrating turning one and was such a ham for the camera.  We finished at the park with some romantic maternity portraits; I love capturing Cheyla and Eddie- their love is so genuine and beautiful!

W left the park to capture a few more portraits in the studio and to photograph his cake smash!  He loved the portraits but wasn’t too happy about the cake!   He had a few bites and then just wanted to be done and kept getting mad at us for smearing icing in on him.  I cannot wait to photograph his baby sister when she arrives!

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Announcing Baby Mack! | Baby’s First Year Photographer Hampton Roads

• April 10th, 2016 •

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Nigel and Tia are expecting!!!!  I photographed Nigel and Tia’s engagement and am so very excited to be continuing our relationship as we head into photographing the Baby’s First Year!  

I was SO excited to get the call from Tia telling me the news…. they are expecting a HONEYMOON baby! YAY!!!

I LOVE that I was one of the first to know as they wanted me to photograph the announcement.  Nigel is deployed so we wanted to do a shoot that incorporated him across all the miles, you’ll see him in the phone pointing at a picture of the ultrasound!   I love how the images turned out and am so excited to do a maternity session in six months or so.  Tia is already glowing and I can’t wait to see how she transforms into the amazing mom God has called her to be.

Congrats Nigel and Tia!  So very excited for you and can’t wit to meet your little blessing.  photography_653 photography_654 photography_655 photography_657 photography_658 photography_660


The Lopez’s- Adding another boy to the mix! | Maternity Photographer Virginia Beach

• April 10th, 2016 •

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Meet the handsome Lopez boys… oh, yeah, and the beautiful mom that impressively handles it all, Orlyn. I was so excited to capture this family as they prepare to welcome… another BOY!  

We wanted to capture some family and maternity portraits outdoors, but the weather was a bit chilly!  Thankfully, my studio has a beautiful outdoor space as well so we were able to do the family portraits outdoors and then head inside for a few more maternity portraits. 

Everyone is so excited to meet baby Emmanuel and his big brothers can’t wait to teach him all the ropes of being a Lopez!  We had a blast on our session and the boys were amazingly well behaved and simply adorable to photograph!  

I will be sharing Emmanuel’s welcome to the world soon… but for now lets enjoy the family as they prepare to welcome him! 

As a side note, Orlyn looks AMAZING!  She totally rocked her maternity shots and looks like a hired model!!! 

photography_627 photography_628 photography_631 photography_643 photography_644 photography_645 photography_648

photography_629 photography_630 photography_632 photography_633 photography_634 photography_635 photography_636 photography_646 photography_650photography_638 photography_639 photography_640 photography_641 photography_642 photography_651

Waiting for blessing #6 | Maternity Portraits Virginia Beach

• February 16th, 2016 •

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This beautiful momma is Christy and she is expecting blessing number SIX!  So very excited to celebrate with her and I can’t wait to meet little Brandon!  After her baby shower at our church, we took a few portraits outside, as she’s already 8 cm dilated and we didn’t think she’d make it many more days being pregnant!  But over two weeks later, little Brandon is still warm and snug in the womb!  He’ll come when he’s good and ready!

Christy, you are a beautiful momma-to-be!  Enjoy these last few days before you welcome this last little Sawyer!  I know his brothers and sisters can’t wait to meet him :) 

photography_585 photography_586 photography_587 photography_588 photography_589 photography_590 photography_591 photography_592 photography_593 photography_594 photography_595

Cheyla and Eddie- awaiting their Prince | Maternity Portrait Photographer Norfolk, VA

• March 25th, 2015 •

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He’s HERE!!!!  I was working on this post yesterday and last night got the news that little Christopher Edward Toby is here!!!  Soon, we will be sharing his newborn portraits, but for now, I think everyone should see their incredible maternity portraits!  

Yes, you are seeing these right, we did these in the SNOW!  We had to reschedule these portrait THREE times because of rain and snow.  Finally, we just said “Lets make the snow work for us!”  Cheyla was a rock star and braved the cold to capture these incredible portraits.  She was amazing!!!  I kept asking “Do you want to go inside?” But she said she was wanted  to keep at it!  I am SO PROUD of her (Eddie too, he was shirtless too!) and they will have these incredible images forever!

We did head inside eventually and captured some phenomenal portraits in the studio as well.  Eddie and Cheyla, thanks for allowing me to capture your beautiful pregnancy.  I CANNOT WAIT to meet little Chris as soon as possible! 

maternity-1 maternity-2 maternity-3 maternity-4 maternity-5 maternity-6 maternity-7 maternity-8 maternity-9 maternity-10maternity-4-2 maternity-3-2 maternity-2-2maternity-1-2maternity-5-2

Getting ready for Apollo | Maternity Portraits Virginia Beach

• September 3rd, 2014 •

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One of my FAVORITE session in a long time was this one with Jennifer and Michael.  They are the most relaxed, laid back, in love couple and they were completely open to anything I wanted to do.  Jennifer had the MOST perfect little baby bump and I was DYING to use my newly purchased maternity posing gown.  She wore it perfectly and I am so in love with the amazing portraits we captured.  Little Apollo will be so loved by these two and their amazing extended family members, I just can’t wait to meet him.  He’s due pretty soon, so be on the lookout for his newborn portraits!  I hope he inherits mom and dad’s calm, laid back nature!  :)


copeland-15 copeland-22 copeland-38 copeland-61 copeland-69 copeland-78 copeland-88 copeland-111 copeland-121 copeland-123 copeland-125 copeland-126

Wilson Maternity | Virginia Beach Photographer

• May 27th, 2014 •

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Wilson Baby number two is on her way!!!! I LOVE this family! Latoya and Mark’s son, Mark Jr., was one of the first newborns I ever photographed. I was over the moon when I heard they were expecting baby number two! We had such a wonderful time exploring the woods at First Landing State Park, And oh my goodness, did they make my job easy! They are still so in love and so gorgeous! Little Mark is a heartbreaker and I can’t wait to photograph little Malaya soon!

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