Why Hanging Portraits Help Children | Hampton Roads Photographer

• February 5th, 2018 •

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Many parents, like mine, have hung every portrait ever taken whether it be just their children or family portraits. It has been proven to boost a child’s self esteem when they see themselves in portraits hanging around the house.

According to David Krauss, who is a psychologist from Cleveland Ohio it’s important to have those family/children portraits. It helps children see themselves as an important and valued part of the family unit. 

As a photographer, I am biased, they say that there is something powerful in touching your fingers to an actual print. There’s  stimulation of the brain when you have that sensory experience like touching a portrait. There isn’t really any of that in the digital world with all the social media that exists. You are touching a keyboard, mouse or a touchscreen but you are not touching the actual image that involves your child or family.

Children like to feel like they belong, especially in this world that we live in today. Photographers get to create an image where the child feels safe and protected. They can look back on this even when they’re older and remember that safe feeling.  

So yes, not hanging portraits doesn’t do any harm, but hanging them could help your child! 

Here are some photos from my clients of them hanging portraits I captured! 

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A Year in Review | Hampton Roads Photographer

• December 31st, 2016 •

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Another amazing year has passed.  Last year at this exact time, I was just so thankful 2015 was almost OVER.  It was a year filled with so much sadness and loss. I prayed for 2016 to be a BORING year at least!  I just wanted to get past all the pain of 2015.  God answers prayers and more.  Like he states “There is a time and a season for everything.”  The BORING year I was praying for didn’t happen, instead He gave me so much more.

Personal highlights of 2016… I started the year off on a cruise with my family.  The first cruise we have done together and it was a beautiful welcome to the new year!  In the spring, I visited  NYC with my son and godson and got to see my childhood crush, Will Smith (aaaaahhhhhhh) film the movie Collateral Beauty.  (Seriously, I was like a giddy child- and the coolest thing was it was an unexpected surprise to see him on set!!  Thanks to an amazing friend who set it up!)  In the summer, I visited Ethiopia again, with Habesha Momma, and got to start the process of opening a home for homeless and trafficked children.  I also FINALLY got to take my husband to NYC.  I love NYC and Brett has said for years  ”NEVER” when I ask if he’d like to go with me.  However, he finally agreed and we had a fabulous time together enjoying the big city!

One of the biggest personal and business highlights was I moved my business out of my house and into a true commercial space!!  It was a HUGE leap of faith but I am so very thankful I took the risk.  I LOVE having my own space.  I’ve been a successful photographer for years BUT having my own name on the outside of a building makes me feel “I’ve made it!”  It has been an amazing whirlwind of a year!  I had a phenomenal Open House in my new space and felt so much love poured out.  I have been blessed by the opportunity to photograph so many amazing people, families and projects.  I truly love my job and don’t take for granted the fact that I am given the gift of creating moments in time for each of you.

This blog every year is one of my hardest… to go through the year and pick my favorite images to share.  Each one of you are so special to me, all of our shoots hold special moments and laughs.  In every single session- I am creating memories that I pray will be cherished for generations to come.  Narrowing that down to 15-20 images to show my year in review… it is SO HARD!  But here are some of the highlights I was able to narrow it down too… and once again thank you.  Thank you for trusting me, thank you for supporting me, thank you for allowing me into your family.  

I pray blessings, love and lots of laughter in 2017!

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Tia and Nigel: She said YES! | Virginia Beach Photographer

• July 22nd, 2015 •

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I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this amazing sunrise session yet!  I was so excited to hear from Nigel about his surprise engagement he had planned for Tia.  It was going to be a romantic sunrise engagement on the boardwalk.  We had it all planned… and them Nigel couldn’t wait and proposed early!  :)  So we planned for some romantic beach portraits instead to CELEBRATE their engagement.  We had a wonderful morning session and I LOVED photographing their love for each other.  Their faith is a big part of their life, and we made sure to incorporate that into their portraits.

Nigel and Tia, stay committed to God and your marriage will be blessed.  There will be good times and bad but I know your love for each other can withstand it all. Be blessed and find time always to love on each other!


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Ninon and Pen… The unconventional Engagement! | Virginia Beach Photographer

• July 21st, 2014 •

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I have known Ninon for years and love this lady so much!  In the past few months, I have gotten to know her husband Pen as well and simply love them as a couple!  They have so much love for eachother and I love the father Pen has become to little Aiden!


Although technically they are married (they just couldn’t wait  to be married so they did a quick Justice of the Peace ceremony) they are still planning their actual wedding for next year.  So we of course had to so some engagement shots for their “Save the Dates” and to celebrate their love and connection.


We headed down to the First Landing beach and had a glorious time!  I love how comfortable they both were in front of the camera and with each other.  They truly love each other so much and it shows through every time they look at each other.  It was such a blessing to be a part of capture their love and I can’t wait for their wedding!

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Jaron and Brittany Engaged! | Virginia Beach Portrait Photographer

• May 2nd, 2014 •

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So, this blog post is a little late. We did Jaron and Brittany’s engagement session a while ago!  But somehow they never got blogged and they are WAY to0 cute not to share!  We went out to Bennet’s Creek Park in Suffolk, which was a nice surprise for me since I haven’t shot there before! But it was a beautiful day and such a wonderful couple.  Enjoy the love…can’t wait for November!

This engagement session was also just a little bittersweet. See, Jaron is in the military and he left for an almost year-long deployment the day AFTER this session.  So while they were so excited to celebrate their engagement, they were also very sad to be saying goodbye.  In fact, this one portrait we took speaks volumes to the military couple… you are always together, always loving and caring for each other, but are also sometimes so very far away from each other. Thank you so much to all the military partners, spouses and families out there!  I was in your shoes for a long time…I know how hard the deployments can be for those having to stay home!  Blessings to you and thank you for your service. Please stay safe, Jaron. See you soon! faded